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“CRO 'Roll-of-Pennies' Mobile”
March 1978

D. Wnuck

What says coin collecting more than a shiny new roll of pennies in a graceful curve atop a gleaming bar of solid gold?  Exactly.

Which is why we first developed this CRO promotional vehicle concept in the late 70's.  We felt it was a classy, upscale way to augment our print advertising program, and would attract attention for us as we drove it to coin shows around the country (as seen in the photograph to your left, taken at the March 1978 Driscol Show in Sandusky, OH).

Concepts that didn't make the cut:
Before settling on this design, we considered several alternatives, including one which featured a roll of 2 Cent pieces atop a slab of brass.  But that lacked the grace and charm of the final version, and so we scrapped it.

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