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“We Buy Colonials”
January 3, 2011

J. Agre

We're not sure how much more directly we can say it:  We Buy Colonials. 

So we thought we'd run this ad in the special CoinWorld FUN Show issue in hopes that every single person with colonials to sell will offer them to us (instead of selling them to someone else who in turn is very likely to end up then selling them to us, anyway).  And, since we are the strongest buyer of choice, rare and high grade colonials, this makes sense. 

So if anyone reading this has colonials to sell, you can find us at the FUN Show in Tampa at Table #913 (as indicated by the cool sun logo in this ad), or anytime at 1-800-Coins-99, or Info@CoinRaritiesOnline.com.

Captions that didn't make the cut:
We began with a couple of kitschy theme concepts here, including one with a pointing Uncle Sam in it saying "We Want Your Colonials.", and one which looked like an old west Wanted poster with the tagline "Wanted:  Your Colonials.".

Ultimately, though, we decided that those are just not us, and instead went with the über-direct approach to your left.

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