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“Espiritu del '76”
May 2, 2011

J. Agre

We've always liked these 1776-dated Latin American silver issues for two reasons:

1.  They definitively circulated in early America, and were in fact legal tender in this country until the amazingly late date of 1857.

2.  The only 1776-dated coins in the American series are the expensive Continental Dollar and the crudely made 1776 Machin's Mills issues.

So if you want a neat and relatively affordable coin bearing this magic date, which was actually used in America, this type is a good choice.

Captions that didn't make the cut:
Our first version of this ad read "Real-y Patriotic."  Which aside from being an extremely bad pun, was also not that easy to understand, since it required the reader to understand that 'Real-y' was a play on 'Really' and on the denomination 'Real', though on this piece it is shown as 'Reales' (as in 4 'Reales').  

So rather than fight that battle, we went with the we-hope-correctly-translated version of Spirit of '76.

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