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“The Flagship Coin”
July 18, 2011


Using everyone's favorite literary technique (alliteration), our guest author found an interesting way to highlight the fact that this lovely, choice early Eagle was, at that early time, the largest and, arguably, most important denomination produced by the just-getting-started US mint.

Captions that didn't make the cut:
We actually considered using "Bo Derek has nothing on this 10.", but decided that that sounded a little too  silly for a coin as significant as this one.

Which led us to the notion of using something based on the fact that this type is variously called the "Draped Bust" (even though it looks nothing like the silver issues bearing that same name), the "Turban Head" (your author's personal favorite), and the extremely boring "Bust Right".  But while that seemed like the basis of a really good caption, we couldn't think of one (though we are positive we can by the time we next have a nice example of one of these).

Which then led us to the serious "The flagship coin of a fledgling nation." provided by our guest author, which we almost went with, before he made it even more alliterative in the final version to your left.

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