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“History in Your Hands”
November 7, 2011


We might be slightly biased, but we believe it is truly amazing that one can acquire a handsome, historic, Benjamin Franklin-designed, PCGS-graded and CAC-approved Fugio Copper like this for a relatively (at least compared to what a lot of far less interesting and more modern coins are bringing these days) affordable price.

An idea elegantly expressed by our prolific guest author by combining two familiar phrases and three body parts into one caption.

Captions that didn't make the cut:
We knew we'd be going with a value concept here, starting with "Rare and Historic for the price of neither.

And while that one was close, we decided that specifically mentioning the word "Price" was inadvisable, and ending a sentence with "Neither" was a tremendous downer.

So we didn't use it.

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