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“Holmes Sweet Holmes”
January 9, 2012

Frank Hamm

In an effort to highlight the august Holmes provenance on this gem 1838 Cent, our guest author came up with an idea which we thought was short, sweet (no pun intended), to the point and, to be frank (no pun intended), seemed obvious (but which must not have been, since nobody else here thought of it before he did).

Captions that didn't make the cut:
The original plan here was to go with either "Take a Holmes home for the holidays." or the more succinct "Holmes for the holidays."

Both of which were delightful in my opinion, but would have been significantly better ideas had we not thought of them after the holidays (or at least after the deadline for the holiday issues of CoinWorld) had already passed.

Which just goes to show you that it is not merely enough to come up with a decent caption around here, you also have to do it on time.

So we decided to table these ideas for some future holiday season (if and when we have another suitable Holmes coin in stock), and to go with the perennial alternative provided by our guest author.


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