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“We Buy Colonials”
July 2, 2012

J. Agre

With July upon us (at least according to the advertising calender), it is time once again for us to remind everyone that WE BUY COLONIALS, of all shapes and sizes, from common types to rare varieties, in collector grade to gem unc., and will pay more than anyone else (anytime, anywhere) for coins that we want.

Something we'd be delighted to demonstrate to anyone who calls our 800 number, emails us at info@coinraritiesonline.com, or comes to our table at any major show with cool colonials in hand.

Captions that didn't make the cut:
We always go with this same standard format, but we did consider many alternative coins before settling on the finest French Colonies Sou Marque, Maryland Lord Baltimore Shilling and Vermont Baby Head we (or pretty much anyone else) has ever seen.

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