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“Am Not!”
July 16, 2012

M. Agre

Well, this time we were trying to find some sort of new way to highlight the frankly ridiculous (though always popular) variety name of this lovely gem copper when all of a sudden my wife shouted out the ubiquitous "Am Not!" line used as a witty retort by school children. 

Just as Ms. Liberty might have reacted had she known that some later-19th century numismatic scholar decided she looked like a 'Booby Head' (i.e. an awkward or foolish person).

Captions that didn't make the cut:
There were a few this week, starting with "Sometimes referred to as the Blue-Footed Tropical Seabird Head Cent.", a play on the name Booby for seabirds in the genus Sula.  That however, was rejected as both too silly, and too long.

Which led us to the customer-suggested, multi-layered "One of Seven Type Coins you Cannot Show on Television.", playing up a naughty angle that doesn't actually exist here coupled with a classic George Carlin routine. 

Alas, while we thought that was very clever, we decided it was simply too risque for two guys advertising a coin in a newspaper.

So we went with the relatively tame version in our final ad.

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