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“Double Your Pleasure”
July 23, 2012

D. Wnuck

This week's ad afforded us a wonderful double opportunity:

  1. To feature a spectacular proof Twenty Cent Piece, a coin type we do not often have in inventory (mostly because we see so few that we like).

  2. To use the Double Dime nickname for this issue and thus unleash some alliteration, something that always plays well in a CRO ad caption.

Captions that didn't make the cut:
This week's choice was easy, since our first efforts revolved around some sort of a 20-20 gag, but ultimately we couldn't think of a single one.

So if anyone can think of a good one, please let us know anytime between now and when we find another choice 20c piece to feature in a future CRO ad.  And, of course, if your idea is deemed worthy by our panel of experts, you will receive full author credit here in the Ad Archive.

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