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“To Woo the Most Fickle”
September 24, 2012

C. Sloan

This week's featured item has received pretty much all the official industry accolades possible, including a lofty grade and a + from PCGS and a coveted Gold sticker from CAC. 

So it seemed to us that it should attract even the pickiest buyers, as charmingly expressed in our guest author's off-beat rhyming caption.

Captions that didn't make the cut:
Our first effort, submitted by a different guest author, was "Oh, Give me a Home where the Gold Stickers Roam.", which I thought was an extremely clever Buffalo / Gold Sticker switcheroo.  Ultimately, though, I thought it was too focused on the sticker, and not on the quality of the coin itself. 

So we moved on to "A Buffalo Nickel to Woo the Most Fickle.", which sounded like a winner to me except that it, with the coin description, seemed like too many appearances of the word 'Buffalo'. 

So we modified it to the jauntier version seen in our final ad.

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