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“Trime Time”
December 3, 2012


I like to think of this as an 'expansive' (with an 'a') ad, since our guest author's caption not only highlights this particular gemmy and neatly toned PF 3c Silver, but might also suggest that we have several other nice ones on the site at this moment.

And, when you have half a dozen cool 3c Silvers on your site, it is indeed "Trime Time".

Caption that didn't make the cut:
I kept trying to come up with clever captions with the word 'Three' in them, such as the not exactly intellectual "3s Company", which I guess was supposed to sound like we were a company that specializes in 3c Pieces.  But even though we have the aforementioned examples on the list now that is of course not really true. 

Plus I always prefer captions which include high brow literary references and not so much the ones inspired by terrible TV shows.

So we scrapped this direction, and went with the caption in our final ad.

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