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“Spike for Yourself”
January 23, 2017

M. Agre

We opted for a decidedly indirect route this week with this turn of a familiar phrase, albeit with Speak replaced by Spike, as in 'this would be a darn near perfect, golden brown Ch. AU 1804 Draped Bust Spiked Chin Half Cent to buy for yourself'.

Captions that didn't make the cut:
There was no shortage of ideas this week starting with an early January nod to the new business year in the form of "We expect a Spike in sales in 2017."  Then quickly thought better of using anything so overtly commercial.

So we made a foray to the historic with "Golden (brown) spike." before determining that that was simply too awkward and hard to follow.

Leading us to the rhyming "We were psyched to find this Spiked.", but that somehow seemed too easy.

So we modified it to the less conventional "This Spiked spoke to us." which proved to be too hard to read.

Before deciding to go with the crisp caption in our final ad.

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