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“Super 8”
March 20, 2017

N. Brown

Certainly this deluxe MS65 8 Reales (just the 3rd specimen we've handled in this grade the last 18 years) is worthy of a whole host of numismatic accolades, the punchiest of which was the familiar "Super 8." caption suggested by our first time guest author.

Captions that didn't make the cut:
Our first effort was "Unreal 8 Reales.", which we instantly rejected for invoking visions of counterfeit coins (never advisable when advertising a high end numismatic item).

Followed by "A Pillar for Your Museum Collection." which was at once suitably sturdy, utterly non-controversial and appropriately august, though we ultimately concluded that it was lacking in pizzazz.

Which led us to the license plate inspired "GR8 8." before finally arriving at the concise conclusion seen in our final ad.


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