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“Don't Miss the Boat”
April 3, 2017

M. Roanick

We don't often do what could be described as an overt sales theme in these ads, but this time our guest author's suggestion seemed suitably inoffensive and just so appropriate to describe this magnificent near-gem 1779 Rhode Island Ship Token that we simply had to use it. 

Captions that didn't make the cut:
Our first effort this week was "Rock the Boat." (which we intended to be interpreted in much the same way as the phrase 'Rock the Vote'), which we thought was extremely clever and actually sent in to CoinWorld to use this week.

Bbefore discovering that every other person on earth interpreted that caption to mean 'be disruptive', which of course is not at all the sentiment one would want in a numismatic ad. 

So we changed gears at the last minute and thank our guest author for the very timely suggestion.

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