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“Swiss Bliss”
June 19, 2017

J. Agre

Numismatic Ad Truism #233: If you are highlighting a Swiss coin, you have to do so utilizing a caption based on a familiar Swiss phrase.  Ideally one that makes sense in a coin-context.

So we decided to go with this Swiss Miss / Swiss Bliss switcheroo which seems all too appropriate for this bliss-inducing superb über-gem 1776-dated Half Taler which is as original, untouched and pristine as just about any 17th century coin we ever seen of any kind, and from any country.  Bliss indeed.

Captions that didn't make the cut: 
We pretty much were restricted to chocolate, cuckoo clock and Rolex references for this ad, with none of those others even rising to the level of a rejected caption.

Which meant that the caption in our final ad was the winner by default.

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