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“Gold CAC-tacular”
October 23, 2017

J. Agre

We've found through the years that advertising old-holdered coins and Gold CAC stickers coins is a good way to get noticed in CoinWorld.

How come?

Because we rarely see anybody else offering coins like this week's totally cool "it's-better-than-a-63" Proof Barber Dime housed in an cient PCGS Rattler slab).  Which to us makes more sense than presenting the exact same thing that 10 other ads in the magazine are showing.

Captions that didn't make the cut:
This was actually a preordained caption this week, as we used the same text in our larger monthly Numismatist ad featuring a slew of such items in what was, for us, a first-time, double-team, "hey-let's-really-try-to emphasize-these-coins" approach.


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