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“Sweet 16”
December 4, 2017

M. Agre

Sharp-eyed CRO ad readers will note that, through the years, we've avoided general captions which could apply to any coin, and instead have tried to come up with ads that are as specifically suited to the featured coin as possible.

Which in the case of this week's sweet, original 1797 Draped Bust H10¢ was to focus on the fact that it is an example of the interesting and short-lived 16 Stars obverse variety.

Voilà!  "Sweet 16" it is.

Captions that didn't make the cut:
The original version of this ad read "Sweet 16 Stars.", which as you can imagine went over like a lead balloon at the Wednesday marketing meeting. 

Until my quick thinking wife added the 16 Stars part to the coin description, thus allowing the caption to be truncated to the concise and memorable phrase we all know. 

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