1787 New Jersey Copper
The Finest Seen
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Maris 56-n, Camel Head variety. Considered to be Rarity-1.

A common New Jersey copper in stunningly uncommon condition.

This is the finest Camel Head we've seen. Aside from its technical merits, this is an unusually well-made coin, nicely struck and very well centered on a broad defect-free planchet.

The color is choice, the surfaces are nearly immaculate and the eye-appeal is superb.

This coin was struck over a Connecticut copper (as many of these were) and some ghost-like letters of the host coin are visible in places.

We also note that there is a tiny trace of mint red along the lower left side of the reverse shield which has stubbornly refused to budge over the last 231 years.

This coin is from the CRO archives and is not currently available for sale.


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