(225 AD) Roman Republic
The Dioscuri, AR Quadrigatus
Ch. VF [NGC]
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(Ca. 225-214/2 AD), Ch. VF, Strike 5/5, Surface 4/5.  6.31g.

One of our favorite ancient types with the totally cool janiform head of the Dioscuri on the obverse, and Jupiter in a quadriga (four horse chariot) driven by Victory above ROMA in a surprisingly modern-looking font on the reverse.

And while we've always wanted to offer this type on the site, we've had a hard time finding a problem-free example with a truly original skin until this lovely piece walked up to the table at a recent show.

Choice coin-gray with nice surfaces for an issue that, as noted, is often seen flawed, cracked, scratched, cleaned or otherwise having had a pretty rough ~1,800 years of life.

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