Our Specialty

We focus on four major categories:

Colonial & Early American Coins & Tokens

  • Redbook, Breen Encyclopedia and Whitman Encyclopedia listed issues
  • All PCGS Registry issues
  • Rare Die Varieties, Patterns and Die Trials
  • All Grades from pleasing circulated coins to condition census pieces
  • Well struck, well centered and nicely round Massachusetts silver coins
  • Choice, original state coppers
  • Washingtonia
  • Fugio type coins and die varieties
  • Coins pedigreed to famous collections 
  • United States Coins in Copper, Silver & Gold

  • Choice, original type coins
  • Golden brown early copper
  • Originally toned 3¢ and 5¢ nickel
  • Beautifully toned silver issues
  • Crusty, original gold
  • Undipped proof type
  • Coins pedigreed to famous collections
  • CAC gold stickered coins
  • High end coins in old or unusual PCGS and NGC slabs
  • World Coins which Circulated in Early America

  • High grade Dutch Lion Daalders
  • High grade Spanish Pistareens and Cobs
  • Choice, original Pillar and Portrait ½, 1, 2, 4 and 8 Reales
  • Gold Escudos of all denominations
  • Gold Ducats
  • French Le Chameau issues
  • 1749 Great Britain Farthings and Halfpennies
  • Brazilian silver and gold types
  • Contemporary counterfeit British Halfpennies
  • Esoteric Numismatic Items

  • Hangman themed and other Conder Tokens
  • Gem Hard Times Tokens
  • Choice Anti-Slavery pieces of all kinds
  • Good for a Scent and other Civil War Tokens
  • Smoking of the Weed and other Merchant Tokens
  • Eye-appealing world coins with interesting motifs
  • Betts Medals with American themes
  • 3-D Wiener Cathedral Medals
  • Unusual, interesting and historic exonumia of all kinds

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