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“On a Pinniped-estal”
July 23, 2018

M. Agre

In A-L-L of numismatics, the opportunity to utlize a pinniped-related caption is limited to, well, just the Magdalen Island Token. 

So of course when we acquired this superb, original, mint state example we had no choice but to use one in the form of this "Pinniped" / "On a Pedestal" mashup.

Captions that didn't make the cut:
We knew we'd be going with this basic premise, but there was some debate about exactly how to write it.

With our first effort "We put this piece on a Pinnipedestal." sounding both too self-aggrandizing, and possibly confusing.

So we took ourselves out of the equation and went with a clarified hyphenated version in our final ad.

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