1787 New York Copper
Indian / Eagle on Globe
XF40 [NGC]
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Breen-991, W-5800 variety, considered to be Low Rarity-7.

One of the classic rarities in the American colonial series, and one of the most inspired designs.

With the charming obverse Indian surrounded by the Latin legend LIBER NATUS LIBERTATEM DEFENDO (translated as Born Free I Defend Freedom), and an epic Eagle atop a Globe on the reverse surrounded by NEO EBORACUS (New York) and the New York state motto EXCELSIOR (Ever Higher).

And while many of the surviving specimens exhibit a rough planchet and/or evidence of 230+ years of tough life, this is a nice, medium brown and quite representative example that ranks somewhere in the upper half of the census.

Ex Heritage's November 2014 sale of the Eric P. Newman Collection, Part V, lot #3029 where it realized $49,937.50.

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