Star Trek Booker T. Pair
Both MS64 [PCGS Rattler]
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And now for something completely different, we are pleased to present this neat matched pair of Booker T. Washington halves housed in consecutively numbered PCGS Rattler slabs, both graded MS64, and both bearing frankly bizarro toning wholly reminiscent of that old Star Trek episode with the two space aliens who each were half black and half white, but not the same half (as shown here on the Enterprise bridge chatting with Captain Kirk and Lieutenant Uhura).

The coins themselves are nice, original, choice for the grade and seriously striking in appearance.

Note that both coins have been verified by CAC, one with a Gold sticker indicating that it exceeds their standards for this grade level (though frankly we thought both deserved it).    

To order or inquire about this item, contact us at 1-800-Coins-99 or
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