1652 Oak Tree 3p
No IN on Obverse, Noe-27
VF35 [PCGS Gold Shield]
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Noe-27, Salmon-5-Aii, W-300 variety, no IN on Obverse type. Considered to be Rarity-5.

One of the most popular and relatively affordable ways to collect Massachusetts silver coins (i.e. skipping the extremely expensive New England and Willow Tree coins) is to try to obtain one of each denomination in the Oak Tree and Pine Tree series (including both major types of Pine Tree Shilling) as follows:

1662 Oak Tree 2pence
1652 Oak Tree 3pence
1652 Oak Tree 6pence
1652 Oak Tree Shilling

1652 Pine Tree 3pence
1652 Pine Tree 6pence
1652 Pine Tree Shilling, Large Planchet
1652 Pine Tree Shilling, Small Planchet

In this 8-coin Mass Silver set, the Oak Tree 3pence is the most difficult coin to obtain (roughly 3x rarer than the Pine Tree 3pence, for example), even more so in the super crusty, all original, Ch. VF condition seen here.

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