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“And Extremely Desirable Plastic”
June 27, 2011

C. Sloan

While we've handled a very wide variety of numismatic items through the years, in all sorts of holders, this is one of the very rare instances where, despite the fact that this is a nice set in high grade, the holders are just as collectible as the coins inside. 

Indeed, we've owned just two examples of this giant, short-lived, and oddly shaped green PCGS Regency slab through the years, and here we have 5 of them in one fell swoop.

Captions that didn't make the cut:
The original owner of this set offered it to us with the caption "Buy the holder, not the coin.", which is of course a play on the traditional numismatic advice to do the opposite.  But while we thought that was clever, and catchy, we were concerned that it was too dismissive of the coins, which are frankly pretty cool in their own right.

So we endeavored to find something that appropriately lauded both the coins and the holders, arriving at "Precious metal, precious-er plastic."  But even though we liked that sentiment, it just didn't sound right to us.

So we went with our customer's suggestion as seen in the ad to your left.

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