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Coins We’re Seeking

We are always looking to buy high quality individual coins, small assortments and large collections of all of the kinds of coins that we offer on this site:

Colonial & Early American Coins

  • Choice, original, well-made Redbook type coins
  • All PCGS Registry issues
  • Copper colonials with choice, light chocolate brown color
  • Well struck, well centered and nicely round Massachusetts silver coins
  • Rare New Jersey Copper varieties and choice Redbook types
  • High end Washingtonia
  • Choice Fugio type coins and die varieties
  • High end coins pedigreed to famous collections
  • Reference book plate coins

United States Coins

  • Choice, original type coins
  • Light chocolate brown early copper
  • Originally toned 3¢ and 5¢ nickel
  • Beautifully toned silver issues
  • Crusty, original gold
  • Undipped proof type
  • Coins pedigreed to famous collections
  • CAC gold stickered coins
  • Choice, original coins in older PCGS and NGC slabs

World Coins Used in Early America

  • Original, well struck Dutch Lion ½ Daalders and Daalders
  • Well struck, well centered and nearly round Spanish Cobs
  • Choice, high grade Spanish Pistareens
  • Choice, original Pillar and Portrait ½, 1, 2, 4 and 8 Reales
  • Gold Escudos of all denominations with choice color and surfaces
  • Gold Ducats with choice color
  • Non sea salvage French Le Chameau types
  • High grade 1749 Great Britain Farthings and Halfpennies
  • Original Brazilian silver and gold types
  • High grade 18th century counterfeit British Halfpennies

Esoteric Numismatic Items

  • High grade Time is Money and other Hard Times Tokens
  • Choice End of Pain and other Conder Tokens
  • Choice Anti-Slavery pieces of all kinds
  • High end Good for a Scent and other Civil War Tokens
  • Choice Smoking of the Weed and other Merchant Tokens
  • Eye-appealing World Coins with interesting motifs
  • Gem 3-D Architectural Medals
  • Choice Tokens and Medals with macabre themes
  • Unusual, interesting, historic and eye-appealing Exonumia of all kinds

We are the strongest buyer in the industry for exceptional, original pieces in the categories listed above and as seen on our coin inventory and coin archive pages, so if you have something nice to sell, please offer it to us.