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Unsolicited, Unfiltered and Unedited Comments from our Clients

Like Winning a Numismatic Lottery!

“You just blew my mind and made my day! It’s a keeper. Thank you so much. Like winning a numismatic lottery!”

R.T., Connecticut

It is an Absolute Screamer!!

“I had the chance to get a better look at the 1903 Rattler Proof Indian— it is an absolute screamer!! I probably should have paid you more. I will make it up to you by taking you and MaryAnn to a nice dinner down the line. I hope you had a terrific show.”

T.T., Pennsylvania

Many Thanks for Your Stellar Skills

“You’re the very best in the 2023 numismatic world – based on my 40+ years of experience in the hobby. Many thanks for your stellar skills & determination!”

C.L., Alabama

I Sit Down and Look at All the Coins in Your Archive

Whenever I’m stressed out at work I sit down and look at all the coins in your Archive.  It relaxes me!!! And it’s just an added bonus to see some of my coins there too.

T.D, New Jersey

Your Write Up for Auction Representation was Perfect

“John, the 8 Escudo just arrived and your write up for the auction representation was perfect. Well worth the wait, very happy with it, thanks so much!”

Z.K., Virginia

I’m Very Impressed with Your Entire Operation

“Thank you for working with me on this. I’m most impressed that you were able to place my half eagle. Someone must have a really nice collection going there! I’m very impressed with your entire operation. Loved the spreadsheet approach.”

G.W., Maryland

You Garnered my Trust and Confidence

“I think it is incredibly deserving that you are in the Coin World Annual (and a nice full page spread). I find that I must be extremely intelligent or extremely lucky to be a customer of yours. Let’s go with lucky, I suppose.  From very early on in our numismatic relationship, you garnered my trust and confidence. Believe me when I write that I can’t say that about many coin dealers.  It has been a pleasure to do business with you and I hope be counted among your numismatic friends.”

M.G., California

I am so Happy that I Discovered Your Website Way Back in 2007

“CRO is simply the best. I look forward to your EarlyBird postings every time and the website is a work of art. Your business has single-handedly brought me into, and kept me engaged in, rare coin collecting for many years now. I am so happy that I discovered your website way back in 2007.”

R.T., Connecticut

The Most Visually Appealing Coins

“You guys have the most visually appealing coins at the show.”

M.T., Colorado

The Coins in Your Inventory and Archives have Almost Uniformly Fantastic Eye Appeal

“I just wanted to let you know how pleased I was to receive the 8 reales. I love it! I appreciate your exquisite numismatic instinct, superior knowledge and experience. The coins in your inventory and archives have almost uniformly fantastic eye appeal. I look forward to future purchases. Thanks for your premium service.”

S.P., Georgia

The Best Presentation and Most Diverse Offering of Coins

“. . . JA’s Early Bird is hands down the best presentation and most diverse offering of coins available by email. If you do not already receive it, I urge you not to sign up as it is already competitive enough to get the coins!”

R.K., Missouri

Great as Usual

The Early Bird list was great as usual.

It reminded me of a story that William Randolph Hurst, who, in addition to running his publishing empire, was a prolific antiques collector. Having received a large antiques sale catalog from a major dealer, he supposedly studied the catalog and then simply scrawled “Yes” on its cover and sent it back to the dealer, indicating his desire to purchase every item in it.

I wish I had the means to do that with your Early Bird lists!

G.W., Maryland

You’re Easy to approach

“. . . You’re extremely knowledgeable and easy to approach, but your Road Reports are the secret sauce!

M.S., Indiana

Thanks Again

“. . . thanks again for enriching my life with your exceptional inventory.”

R.S., Kansas

You Have Good Taste in Coins

“I received the coin. Thank you. You have good taste in coins and I have good taste in coin dealers.”

M.G., California

You Made Process Easy and Enjoyable

“Just a note to confirm receipt of the check and coin. I have them. I also want to note my sense of satisfaction in doing business with you. You made the process easy and enjoyable.”

B.T., Pennsylvania

What a Winning Formula

“Couldn’t believe that the coins would arrive so quickly, but (obviously) they did… what a “simple” business model you have developed – find great coins, describe them accurately, price them reasonably (given their typically exquisite condition), and provide great service… what a winning formula and a real credit to you for having consistently adhered to that strategy.”

T.M., Pennsylvania

Thanks for Taking the Time to Discuss the Coin with Me

“I received the 8 reales yesterday. I absolutely love it! The coin has excellent eye appeal and I love imagining where it may have traveled during its stint in circulation. Thanks for taking the time to discuss the coin with me and for the fast shipping. Look forward to the next one.”

J.M., North Carolina

Thanks for the Quick Delivery!

“Hi John,

Got the half cent today, love it and thanks for the quick delivery!

E.V., Texas

I like CRO and everything it stands for

“I really can’t convey how much I like CRO and everything it stands for. It’s a great business that has really made the hobby a lot of fun for me.”

R.T., Connecticut

Cream of the Crop

“Your eye for quality stays affixed on only the cream of the crop!

Blown away again, naturally.

J.R., Vermont

Stunning in Hand

“The coin arrived today. You are right, it is stunning in hand.”

J.B., Mississippi

Thanks Again for the Beautiful Coins you Offer

I’m looking forward to seeing them in hand. My wife has taken a deeper interest in my coin collecting. We both are excited about the 1790 Austria-Netherlands design. I love the back story and the ad you ran back in 2007 which featured it. Thanks again for the beautiful coins you offer.

T.S., Illinois

A Great Treat!

“It’s a great treat for me to [always] admire & [sometimes] purchase CRO coins.

C.L., Alabama


“One word about this coin


Keep up the hunt!”

D.C., Virginia

Superbly Well Written and Insightful

“I seldom read chat rooms, but I saw you mentioned on the PCGS site, so looked at your site and began reading the RR and commentaries.  I must say, I read the entire archive this past week and learned so much. Had I read them contemporaneously, I might have changed my business model. Superbly well written and insightful. 

It’s nice to read commentary where the writer knows the subject, knows subject-verb agreement, the difference between ‘then’ and ‘than’, and the difference between ‘hone’ and ‘home’.”  

M.C., New York

You are Very Trustworthy

“John – just an extra note: you are very trustworthy. I like working with you.”

D.B., Virginia

You Have a Great Eye for Original High-Quality Material

“Nice coins! You have a great eye for original high-quality material. The Morgan curls my toes. No &*%@!!! It Oozes with originality! Lastly, thanks for the CRO cap!”

D.M., North Carolina


“Just got it


Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving!

D.C., Virginia

I am Very Impressed

“Coin arrived safe and sound this morning. Thank you! This is the first coin I have bought from CRO and I am very impressed. Appreciate the quick communication from you, the lightning speed on sending the coin, and most of all the quality of the coin. Some would think this would be common among dealers but it isn’t. I spent 6 figures last year on coins and am amazed at calls or emails that went unanswered on coins I was interested in. Again, thank you and I will keep an eye out on your site . . .”

G.B., Kentucky

How Do You Ever Find Them?

Strike – perfect. Luster – booming.

It’s so rare to see such a technically nice coin with such outlandishly nice toning. Throw in the OGH, the gold sticker….. it’s the whole deal. How do you ever find them?

Thanks. Can’t believe it lasted as long as it did.

B.M., Idaho

Thanks Again for your Sage Numismatic Guidance

“The toning alone is worth the $ of admission. It’s an absolutely drop-dead GORGEOUS coin. You never cease to amaze me . . .

Many, many thanks again for your sage numismatic guidance.”

J.R., Vermont

Amazing Coins

“John comes up with some pretty amazing coins.”

I.R., California

Exceeded All Expectations

“. . . the Charlotte piece exceeded all expectations . . . the Monopolizer is flash dance disco pants . . . the vomiting dog is awesome . . . Thanks!”

M.J., California

Another Great Transaction!

“I received the Peso and Ecu. Love them both! Thanks for another great transaction!”

K.B., Kansas

Your Go To Guy for Pine Trees

“John Agre of CRO is your go to guy for Pine Trees. And you won’t get a sappy sales pitch.”

D.W., New York

You have a Great Eye

“I received the 1 Escudo and the 2 Reale. Love them. I admit it: you have a great eye.”

M.G., California

Coolest Business I Have ever Encountered

“CRO is seriously the coolest business I have ever encountered. It’s the Arnold Schwarzenegger circa the early 1970‘s of the coin world.”

R.T., Connecticut

Superb Pieces

“John is definitely on the short list of dealers who routinely offer superb pieces.”

T.B., Connecticut

Reliable and Trustworthy

“Your company is reliable and trustworthy. Thank you.”

G.C., Missouri

Another Beauty

“John, the coin arrived, and it is another beauty. Thank you.”

R.L., Wisconsin

I Appreciate Your Eye for Coins

“I was traveling this week – so I’m only getting to view the Lincoln 50c coin now. It is terrific. :)

I think I mentioned that I would look over the CRO archive to create a ‘wish list’ in case any coin of interest comes back to you. I’ve attached this wish list. It just reminds me how much I appreciate your eye for coins.

Thanks again!”

R.C., California

You are Rare!!

“You are rare!!! An honest man who cares about the best interests of others. Bless you!! We appreciate this SO much. PLEASE let us know if you are ever in our area. We would love to extend you some Southern hospitality.”

G.S., Alabama

Thanks for the Quick Shipping

“I received the package of coins yesterday in good shape. I find the coins attractive, and I’m pleased to add these varieties to my collection. Thanks for the quick shipping.”

M.M., Washington

I Appreciate your being Available in the Evenings

“Thanks so much for holding the coin for me, and I appreciate your being available in the evenings. Many days, that is the only time I have to keep up with my hobby.”

E.H., Pennsylvania

His Taste in World Gold is . . . Superb

“I’ve missed dozens of great coins at CRO. I will miss dozens more at CRO in the future. Sometimes, I am able to snag one. His taste in world gold is, like pretty much everything else, superb.”

A.B., Texas

Surprised at the Results and Very Happy

“Just wanted to comment that it looks like the group did pretty darn good. Kinda surprised at the results and very happy. Thanks for your assistance in selling them. I appreciate all that you did on my behalf.”

M.A., Texas

I Trust your Judgment

I have adopted your standards for quality since getting to know how you look at coins.

Since I trust your judgment, I can buy any coins that you offer without any qualms and not lose sleep over it.  It’s not lip service…it’s the truth!

A.G., California

Good Guy who Sells Nice Coins

“John Agre is also a good guy who sells nice coins. I had given up on finding a Matron Head Large Cent up to my specs until he sold me one which had my name on it.”

E.C., California

You have the Best Inventory I’ve ever Seen

“I picked up the Franklin Press today from the post office . . . .

U N B E L I E V A B L E It truly is F R A N K L Y I M P R E S S I V E the BEST COIN I HAVE TO DATE

John, You have the best inventory I’ve ever seen, you’ve got a lifelong customer and friend here.”

K.W., New Jersey

Wonderful Service!!

“Wonderful Service!! Terrific Coin!! Much appreciated Sir! I will be adding this specimen to my collection!! Thank You.”

K.L., California

I’d Rather Look at your List than Eat

“I always look forward to the Early Bird during my lunch break. In fact, I’d rather look at your list than eat.”

H.B., Florida


“Received the coin today. Outstanding!! The surfaces are so clean, free of of marks, hits, etc. Lustrous. And the colors, wow…with the ‘pull-away’ toning we see on the Mexican coins of this era. Thanks so much again. And I do really appreciate you pulling the hat, I’ll use it for special occasions.”

J.J., Wisconsin

Exceptional Eye-Appeal

“The 1795 Half Cent arrived safely today, Thank you. A perfect, original example for this issue. Absolutely no problems with exceptional eye-appeal. Sharp details on a nicely colored planchet. Thanks again.”

M.B., Rhode Island

All I Expected and More

“John, the coins arrived this afternoon and are all I expected and more. Thanks for being the professional you are.”

E.C., Florida

You have the Best, Most Accurately Photographed Coins

“My opinion is that you have the best, most accurately photographed coins in the business. I know these coins will be great in hand and look forward to seeing them.”

K.B., Kansas

Your Website is Awesome

“Your website is awesome, I use it for research all the time. John, coin arrived, thanks so much. You take some pretty awesome photos for your website, but in hand this coin is more gorgeous than your photos show. The deep orange toning is stunning. Hope FUN show is going well.”

M.S., Alaska

Exceptional Customer Service

“John, the coin arrived safely and with a sweet black hat! It is phenomenal in hand. Thanks for the lightning fast delivery. 5 stars all around, and exceptional customer service.”

B.G., Minnesota

A Really Outstanding Coin

“Received. Very impressed, a really outstanding coin. And in hand, it’s a very beautiful coin. I have to show this one off. Thank you for the nice Walker.”

R.B., Maryland

You are an Honest Dealer

“I much appreciate that you are an honest dealer….frequently hard to find these days!

A.G., California

A Great Addition to my Collection!

“Hi John, the half finally came today, and well worth the wait of course. It’s absolutely beautiful, and I love the way the luster peeks through the original toning. Definitely a great addition to my collection!

Oh, and the gold sticker made me feel like I was opening the winning WonkaBar. I think I even did the same dance. Thanks for another great sale, and for giving me a crack at this coin even when you were pretty sure what CAC would say. I have no idea how this half survived the earlybird, but I’m sure glad it did.”

M.L., Colorado

You Always Have a Good Eye

“The piece arrived today. It’s a keeper. You always have a good eye. Thanks. See you in Bal’mer. Take care.”

L.A., Virginia

It Actually Looks Better in Hand

“I just got the coin today. I think it actually looks better in hand than in the photo! The depth of perception of the horse head stands out much better. I don’t think I would trade it for any of the other known examples. The horse head has much more detail than any of the others. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to purchase this!”

L.M., Illinois

Super Eye-Appeal

“The 1839-O arrived safely this morning, thank you. A very handsome example of this popular and desirable mint issue Bust Half. Perfect, problem-free gray surfaces with super eye-appeal. Thank you for the privilege of utilizing a short term layaway to make the purchase, greatly appreciated. Thanks again.”

M.B., Rhode Island

I Appreciate you Taking the Time

“I just want to say appreciate you taking the time this morning and teaching me about coins.”

M.A., Massachusetts

Thank You for the Opportunity

“Thank you for the opportunity to add to my Colonial Collection. You have turned your passion and knowledge of Colonial coinage into the finest source of rare and quality specimens.”

R.S., California

You have a Great Eye for Beauty and Rarity

“Thanks for the wonderful coins that you make available to us. You have great eye for beauty and rarity.”

T.S., Illinois

This is Why I Deal with People Like You

“I have to say that you are really good at this business. A lot of your fellow dealers are not. I have been cheated, lied to and received generally poor service more in this hobby than any other. This is why I deal with people like you.”

M.G., California

I Look Forward to Working w/you Again!

“You’ve got a great eye, John! I look forward to working w/you again!”

J.H., New Jersey

You Find Really Nice Stuff

“I want to be just like you if I ever grow up and become a coin dealer. You really find nice stuff. Most others can’t, don’t, or won’t. Nice business model.Thanks again.”

B.M, Montana

Your Response Times are Flat Out Amazing!

“Your response times are flat out amazing! I swear you replied before I was finished typing!!”

M.H., Indiana

Your Expertise of the Coins and the Marketplace is Invaluable to Me

“You have raised several important points that I have not adequately considered. Your expertise of the coins and the marketplace is invaluable to me.”

M.G., California

I Haven’t been this Stoked, Jazzed Up about a Piece in a Long Time

“I was really excited calling that day. I didn’t want to take too much time on the phone knowing others would be trying to get through, but I’d like to say….

I haven’t been this stoked, jazzed up about a piece in a long time. I literally jumped for joy when we hung up . . .”

M.T., South Dakota



Thanks for ALL that you do too!”

J.R., Vermont

The Whole Package was Very Professional

“I received the coin today and I really like it. It’s nice when the pictures match the coin when it’s received. The whole package was very professional.”

D.T., New York

Your Photography is Spot On

“Thank you very much for your prompt service and attention to my order. Superb originality and outstanding surfaces. Your photography is spot on. Just a beautiful coin.”

R.M., Michigan

This is About as Perfect of a Seated Dollar as Can Be

‘I received the 1840 dollar. This is about as perfect of a LSD that can be. If they all looked like that…… So consider it SOLD.”

A.B., Texas

Yes, this is a Very Sweet Coin!!

Yes, this is a very Sweet Coin!! I’ll be very pleased to add it to my Box of 20!! Thanks very much! All my best to you John!

K.L., California

You Have a Great Eye for Wonderful Original Coins

Hey John:

I received the coin today – I’ve been out of the office until this afternoon. As usual, the coin is fantastic. You have a great eye for wonderful original coins, which is why I leap at every Early Bird email.

And I want to thank you for not cracking coins like this out of their original holders but, instead, send them to CAC. I’m one of those folks that strongly believes the old holders add value to the coin. I appreciate you preserving that nascent but important part of coin-collecting history. I believe old-holder coins will become more and more rare – and more and more – valuable because of it. Some of my most amazing coins are in old PCGS and NGC fatty holders.

I don’t know how you find so many consistently, but thank you the effort.

Until next time – cheers!

B.C., Virginia

The Coins He Has are Consistently of Such High Quality

I was pleased to be able to get my RR-7 from John.

I try to buy from him whenever possible. He is clearly one of the best there is, and the coins he has are consistently of such high quality.

P. S., New Jersey