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April 23, 2017: The Devens, MA Monthly Coin Show

rr2019 11 22devens

When the Devens show alarm went off at 5:30 AM on Sunday I confess that I seriously considered either smashing it with a heavy numismatic book, or, alternatively, throwing it out a nearby window.  And who could blame me?  I had only arrived back home from Philadelphia 6 hours earlier, I knew a few of the other regular dealer attendees were still at the EAC show and would not be coming, and frankly I figured the show could be sort of a snoozer.

But somehow I willed myself into the shower, then into the car and off I went, arriving at the show for dealer set up at 7:30 to a bustle of activity, quickly set up the limited CRO one showcase small show display and then toured the room looking for interesting items.

And I was very surprised to find a bunch of them right away, including two wildly, wickedly toned dollars, and a couple of neat type coins, all of which I snapped up right quick.

I also stumbled across a truly amazing, full red, old holdered, early half cent in the display case of dealer friend Charlie Brown which was, surprisingly, at least as cool as any coin I saw at the EAC show, and I definitely wanted it.  Alas, I could not quite make the numbers work. Tempting though.  Veeeeery tempting.

Then I saw a few long-time local collector friends at the table, sold a few coins, met some new people who could become customers down the road and generally was really glad I came.

With things winding down at about 1 PM, at which time I packed up, headed out and started thinking about the Central States Show from where our next RR will be penned just a couple of short days from now.

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