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April 28, 2024: The Devens, MA Coin Show


Starting another run of 3 shows in 4 weeks, we were excited to get to Devens early, lay out our carefully selected local show offering, click on the lights and pronounce ourselves ready for business.

And that turned out to be good timing, since we bought a cool coin almost immediately, scoured the bourse floor and got first shot at a bunch of others. Unfortunately, the rest of those turned out not to be CRO material, and so we decided to focus on selling.

Which tuned out to be pretty easy on a day that featured a steady procession of CRO regulars at the table, including at least two people who drove an hour and a half to get here. That’s impressive. So of course we were glad to have some equally impressive stuff to show them.

Of which we sold 5 coins, did one trade, took a few coins on consignment, picked up others to send in for stickering or grading and of course engaged with customers in hyper-detailed conversations about attending the 2024 Candidates Tournament in Toronto to determine the challenger for the World Chess Championship to be held later in the year, and the Isle of Man TT, which is of course proudly hailed as the world’s most dangerous motorcycle race.

So, in general, and despite the fact that the weather was really not conducive to a good show (i.e. it was too nice out, undoubtedly causing some would-be attendees to instead participate in some wholesome outdoor activities), we enjoyed an extreeeeemely productive several hours here.

So obviously we felt pretty good when we headed out so we could immediately start getting ready to fly to the CSNS show on Tuesday. Wow. That’s soon.