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August 31, 2009: CRO’s ‘August by the Numbers’


Just 1:  Coin shows we attended.

44:  CRO checks written there.

4 Big Boxes:  Quantity of NEWPs sent out for photography from the show.

17:  The number of days we were not on the road and were instead camped out here at CRO World Headquarters (including weekends).

14 Hours:  Typical duration of the CRO workday (though those hours were rarely consecutive).

175:  Average number of non-SPAM emails received on those days.

3.5:  Collections we bought (we split one deal).

2 out of 7:  Upgrades we received on coins we resubmitted to PCGS on behalf of a customer.

2:  Early Bird Notifications we sent out.

8:  Duplicate orders we received for the single most popular item on an EB (a new CRO record).

39:  New registrants on the Early Bird list.

2 Dozen:  Sample CRO shirts we received in a variety of colors, including one that, unfortunately, looked a little like a McDonalds’ uniform.

$300,000+:  The most expensive coin we sold this month.

$80:  The cheapest coin we bought this month (no, it wasn’t the same coin as above).

2:  Number of Albany Church Pennies we handled (representing about 10% of the extant population).

276 Yards:  Longest drive I hit this month.

PF67 UCAM:  Highest graded coin we handled.

AG3 (Raw):  Lowest graded coin we handled.

1:  Number of coins we rejected because they were fake.

7:  Number of different auction houses (worldwide) at which we bid on numismatic items.

100%:  Success rate receiving CAC stickers on coins (1 for 1).

2 Days:  Stunningly short time it took for a Registered Mail package to get from MA to CT.

5:  Hours I spent working on coin related activities on my anniversary (a Sunday).

None:  Dirty looks, snide comments and general grief my wife gave me for the above.

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