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February 25, 2024: The Devens, MA Coin Show

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For the first time since September of last year we were pleased to head out to Devens for another installment of  our local show.

Where we would arrive at about 7:50 on a sunny Sunday, lay out our carefully selected local-show flavored inventory assortment featuring something for everyone in a wide variety of price points, click on the lights and pronounce ourselves officially open for business by about 8:10.

And then while MaryAnn stayed at the table, I made few quick circuits of the room, scoured every bourse case, eyeballed maybe 20 interesting pieces, bought 2, and passed on a few others that were just not quite good enough.

Returning to the table just in time to sell three world and US coins at the table to a few collectors we frequently see here, do one trade, buy a coin from another collector, do some show and telling, collect a few checks, write some others, consign a deal to another dealer, and generally do as much business as was possible to do in a 4.5 hour period.

And then zip home to start to get ready for our next event, the PCGS Members Only Show in Philadelphia, from where our next RR will be written in just a couple astonishingly short days from now.

So you might want to keep an eye out for that –