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“Crowning Glory”
January 1, 2018

M. Agre

When presenting a magnificent Crown (as we have done in CRO ads a few times through the years), we always like to use a crown-centric caption.  Such as the one describing this epic 1743 Great Britain example which is the best we've seen or know about and thus worthy of the Crowning Glory descriptor.

Sharp-eyed Ad Archive visitors will also notice that this is the first CRO ad which actually says CRO (as opposed to the Coin Rarities Online longhand).  We've been planning this change for some time now to mimic the website, but we have to admit it took us some time to get used to it.

Captions that didn't make the cut:
We started with "Royal Crown.", but quickly rejected it as either boringly descriptive, or the name of a cheap Cola, neither of which made it seem like an especially inspiring choice.

Which then led us to "Crown Royal.", which was only slightly better in that it at least evokes thoughts of a Scotch whiskey in a very handsome velour bag.

But that wasn't going to work either, so we opted for the version in our final ad.




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