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“Your Source for Gold”
February 19, 2018

J. Agre

Let's do a test:  Look around the internet and check out the gold coins available in the numismatic marketplace.  And then look at the ones on this site.  Now, we'll admit we may not have as many coins as some others do, but that's because we're veeeeery picky and only buy the ones we really, really like.  And while there are some nice coins out there, we'll stack up our offering vs anyone in terms of originality and eye appeal. 

Such as this spectacular 1847-D Liberty Head $5, which exhibits exactly the kind of untouched, original surfaces, superb golden orange color and old toning we work so hard to find.

And so if you want gold that looks like this, well, then, we think our list would be a good place to look.

Captions that didn't make the cut:
We knew we were going with this concept, the only question was whether we needed to include the word 'coin', as in "CRO:  Your source for gold coins that look like this."

Ultimately, we figured the answer was no.

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