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“You'll Flip Over this Flipover”
March 5, 2018

M. Agre

Sharp-eyed Ad Archive readers will note that we have been down this path once before, namely in our November 24, 2008 ad in which we used the description of a coin to describe the reaction one would have upon viewing it.

And believe us when we say we are confident you will in fact flip over this extremely bold, beautifully preserved flipover double struck Connecticut which just so happens to be a tough and infrequently seen variety.

Captions that didn't make the cut:
The only alternative seriously considered this week was "Double Header", which was suggested to us by this coin's former owner, but which we thought was off the mark, since it is more accurately a "Double Tailser", which isn't actually a thing (or at least a thing that seemed to lend itself well to a caption).

But who knows, maybe that sort of curious phraseology would have caused people to do a double take and linger over the ad longer, which is of course kind of the whole idea of an ad.  Right?



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