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“It's Guatemagical”
April 2, 2018

J. Agre

Sure, we've had other lovely Guatemalan coins on the site, but none quite like this superb, high grade, beautifully toned, very choice and yes magical example of this tough one-year type. 

Making this particular piece, finally, the worthy recipient of our Guatemala-Magical mash-up caption which has been patiently waiting for years to make its appearance (since we first came up with this idea in 2011).

Captions that didn't make the cut:
While we did have this caption at the ready, we did revisit a few related alternatives, including Guatemarvelous, Guatemagnificent, and, surprisingly, Guatemagnificence (don't ask why) before definitively deciding to go with Guatemagical.

Leaving us to then debate whether or not we wanted to have the "It's" at the beginning, eventually concluding that it was important since it helped add a modicum of silliness.

The only other thing to consider then was if we needed a "!" at the end, which we decided against, and now regret since that too would have lightened the mood.  Oh well. 

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