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“Small Wonder”
May 7, 2018

M. Agre

We're always intrigued by the 'Registry' mentality, whereby collectors will pay huge premiums for often minuscule differences in grade in order to secure a 'pop top' specimen - even if there are many, many coins just one grade below.

Now imagine a major Redbook variety of a popular series in which there is one single coin graded mint state, with all others AU58 or lower (only one 58, actually, and one 55 beneath that).  Further, consider that the mint state coin is not a 'barely made it' 60 or 61, but is actually a lovely, original MS63 verified by CAC.  Such an example would no doubt be considered a wonder coin.

Well, no need to wonder about it - the coin is real, and it is the Small Date Nova Constellatio featured in this ad with an extremely appropriate "Small Wonder." caption. 

Captions that didn't make the cut:
We really didn't have any great alternatives this week, quickly dismissing the Steve Martin inspired "Go big, get Small." as insufficiently serious for a coin of this gravitas.

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