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“Your Source for Massachusetts Silver”
October 1, 2018

J. Agre

Continuing a theme we first introduced in January of 2017, we like to emphasize that certain popular colonial issues - namely Fugios and Massachusetts Silver coins - tend to come with planchet flaws, weakly or unevenly struck and often with decidedly unoriginal surfaces.

But CRO does not handle coins like that, as we weed out those unworthy pieces and list only the best made, most original, most eye-appealing examples in a wide range of grades on the site.  Like the Pine Tree Shilling in our current inventory shown here exhibiting a superb and even strike, an unusually broad, round planchet and just about ideal, original, coin-gray color.  Which is why we say that we are your source for Massachusetts Silver coins that look like this. 

Captions that didn't make the cut:
We knew we were going with this basic concept, with only some internal debate about whether to say "Your Source for Massachusetts Silver . . ." or a more focused "Your Source for Pine Tree Shillings . . .".
  Ultimately deciding that the broader category including New England, Willow Tree, Oak Tree and Pine Tree Coinage of all denominations was the way to go.

In retrospect that might have been a mistake, since the more focused caption would have allowed us to do a series of ads in the future for each of these specific Massachusetts Silver types.  Though I guess we still can.  

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