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“Hot Button Item”
November 19, 2018

M. Tanagawa

in a first for CRO, we are this week featuring a cool, interesting and extreeeeemely historic Ca. 1789 George Washington Inaugural Button (which is in fact the first button of any kind ever in one our ads).

A fact which are guest author cleverly felt we needed to highlight with a button-specific caption (since of course in a picture this piece could easily be mistaken for a regular old coin of some kind).

Captions that didn't make the cut:
We considered a couple of possibilities this week, starting with "Button Up.", though that was deemed to carry too much of an "I'm cold." vibe and not enough "Cool Item." connotation.

Followed by "Right on the Button.", which implied accuracy but to what we couldn't quite figure out.  So we did not use it.

Opting instead for the direct and to the point version in our final ad.

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