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“Think Sphinx”
December 3, 2018

A. Agre

In the looooong history of CRO, we have offered a grand total of one (1) item featuring an image of the Sphinx on it.  Namely this super cool, historic and very interesting German medal featuring the jarring juxtaposition of a then-modern flying contraption sailing over ancient Egyptian monuments.

As such, we figured it was appropriate to feature that fact in this ad (since it was most likely we'd never have another chance with any other numismatic item). 

Captions that didn't make the cut:
While we briefly considered some Zeppelin-centric ideas and with them some inevitable Led Zeppelin album and song names, we quickly moved on from those toward this Sphinxian idea.

But we never could come up with any other versions of it, and, by default, landed on the caption in our final ad.

Editor's Note: Sharp eyed readers will also notice that his week that we have changed the ad background from the previous weeks' slightly off white to pure 'Snow White' white.  Once again proving that there is no amount of minutiae we will not wade through to get things just exactly the way we like 'em. 


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