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“On the Plus Side”
February 18, 2019

M. Cardin

We try each week to come up with captions that are 1) Concise, 2) Memorable, 3) Positive, and 4) Uniquely descriptive of the featured item. 

That last one is important, usually, as it is the one thing which makes it possible to come up with oh, a decade's worth of ad captions without repeating any.

This week, however, we didn't exactly do that, instead opting for our guest author's plus grade focused effort which realistically could have been used on any plus-graded coin.

But we liked it here describing this lovely, all original, Choice mint state+, old-toned-but-not-too-dark and thoroughly CAC-ified early dime.

Captions that didn't make the cut:
The only alternative considered this week was to go with a wedding invitation inspired "Make this your Plus 1."  But that was summarily rejected because
we could not figure out exactly how to write it, we weren't sure our ad readers were that in tune with wedding invitation terminology, and we figured there was a high probability a lot of people would have no idea what we were talking about.

So we did not use it.

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