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“The 1909 Zabriskie Specimen”
March 4, 2019

J. Agre

Every so often we replace the (somewhat) pithy puns, fantastic phraseology and awesome alliteration typically seen in our ads with some weighty and historic numismatic content.

And that approach seemed extreeeemely appropriate when describing this rare, infrequently seen and quite pleasing 1787 New York Excelsior Copper bearing a serious, century old provenance. 

Captions which didn't make the cut:
The original version of this ad read "The 1909 Zabriskie Specimen.", but given the fact that Mr. Zabriskie is not exactly a household name even among the numismatic cognescenti, we thought he needed additional context in the form of the better known coin dealer and auctioneer Henry Chapman who conducted his sale.

So we added him.

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