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“From Russia with Love”
March 18, 2019

M. Matheson

When presented with this stunningly toned and extremely cool early 19th century Russian 20K, our guest author came up with this classic and totally appropriate James Bond Movie title caption.

Captions that didn't make the cut:
Our first foray this week was to go with "Why yes we DO have Russian coins, thank you for asking.", a defacto response to the question we receive at nearly every show from somebody (a different person almost every time) with a thick Russian accent: "Do you have any Russian coins?".  Of course, that's a pretty obscure reference highly likely to leave our readers completely dumbfounded, so we did not use it.

Moving instead to a golf themed "Double Eagle."  But that seemed like an unfinished idea which merely described the motif on this coin, and was thus sadly lacking as a CRO ad caption. 

And while that one might have had potential if we had had more time to flesh it out, the deadline came too soon, leaving us with the Bondian caption in our final ad.

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