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“Spotted this Dotted”
April 1, 2019

M. Agre

This week we were delighted to find the confluence of two (2) tried and true CRO ad mantras:

  1. Highlight the defining attribute of the featured item, and
  2. Make it all rhyme

Which can sometimes be easier said than done. 

This time, however, it worked quite well in our view, since a Dotted Date is a memorable 'hook' which we have never before used in a CRO ad. 

That's a very important concept when you are running frequent ads, since we can't think of an unlimited number of new captions to highlight yet another coin in a PCGS Green Holder (true), or one that is 'stone cold original' (yep) or possesses some other wonderful but more generic attributes.

Plus the word Dotted provided some rich rhyming fodder.

Captions that didn't make the cut:
Actually, there were none. 

We knew we were going in this direction as soon as MaryAnn came up with 'Besotted'.


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