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“Tooting Our Own Horn”
April 22, 2019

J. Agre

We're not positive, but we think this might be a whole new kind of CRO ad in which the caption actually refers to the ad itself.  As in the ad is tooting (i.e. highlighting) our own Horn (Connecticut Horned Bust).

And why wouldn't we?  This is a superb, all original example with decidedly choice color and superb surfaces absolutely worthy of this infrequently conferred and extreeeeemely desirable AU58+ grade.

Captions that didn't make the cut:
This was a tough call this week and we may have made the wrong one.  Because we chose not to use the alternative "Honk if you like this horn." suggested by C. Sloan, one of our prolific guest authors. 

In retrospect, that was kind of a fun, concise, catchy, totally appropriate and new interactive direction for us which we will have to use sometime down the line the next time we have another 'horn' coin to list.

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