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“Charlotte Starlet”
May 20, 2019

J. Agre

As is customary here at CRO, this week's ad highlights the most notable characteristic of the featured coin, in this case the fact that it is a product of the Charlotte mint.

And, as an exceptional, original one it is in our view rightly deserving of the "Charlotte Starlet." descriptor.

Captions that didn't make the cut:
Every time we handle a Charlotte gold coin someone suggests a Charlotte's Web-themed caption, but - at least to date - we've never come up with an application of that idea that made any sense in a numismatic context.

Leaving us to briefly consider re-using the NATIONAL TREASURE movie line "The Secret Lies with Charlotte." which first appeared in a CRO ad in June of 2008.  

But we decided that it was still too soon, opting instead for the rhyming approach in our final ad.   

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