1787 Connecticut Copper
Mutton Head, Miller 1.2-C
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Miller 1.2-C variety, Early Die State.  Considered to be Rarity-3 as a type, but more like R-7+ as an EDS in the condition seen here. 

A remarkable example of this major Redbook type, this is the finest Mutton Head we've ever owned or seen.

The color is an especially nice, original, golden brown, and the surfaces are hard and naturally glossy.  Just a bit of the original planchet texture is visible in the centers (as is the case with most all of these), but the legends are nearly full and there is about as much detail present as can be found on this type.

Indeed, the only comparably high grade specimens we could trace in the last 30 years or so are late die state pieces with much of the legends missing. 

Which makes this is one of the more interesting state coppers we've ever handled, and a prize for the specialist.

This coin is from the CRO archives and is not currently available for sale.


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