Sommer Island 6p
Among the Finest Known
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W-11445, Large Porthole variety.  Considered to be Rarity-6.

A stunning example of not just this denomination, but of any Sommer Islands coin.  Indeed, this is one of the finest examples extant, and the highest graded by PCGS by a substantial margin.

The color is a pleasing greenish-gray, with some deep orange in the devices and traces of the original silvering on both sides.

But most notably, this piece is unusually sharp and evenly struck, with a well detailed hog, nearly full legends on the obverse, and an almost full ship on the reverse.  All features which, individually, are seldom seen on this issue.  To find a piece which exhibits all of them is something of a medium-sized numismatic miracle.

In all, a landmark example, and a prize for the specialist.

This coin is from the CRO archives and is not currently available for sale.

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