1652 Pine Tree Shilling
Ex Winsor-Parsons-Garrett
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Noe 1 variety, considered to be Rarity-3. The so-called 'Pellets at Trunk' variety as listed in the Guidebook.

An important coin and a lovely example of this type.

A wonderful, original silvery-gray, uncorrupted and untampered with for 350 years. The surfaces are essentially pristine, with virtually no post minting marks, abrasions or damage of any kind.

Struck from the later state of the dies, with cuds formed above and to the right of the date, on an unusually well balanced and round planchet.

This coin was purchased at the Garrett sale by a serious collector who kept it for over 20 years before finally selling it to us at the Long Beach show in 2003. 

Ex Bowers and Ruddy's sale of the Garrett Collection, November, 1980, Lot #1250; earlier in the collection of Colonel James Ellsworth; earlier Henry Chapman's June 1914 sale of the George Parsons Collection, lot #18; earlier S.H. & H. Chapman's December 1895 sale of the Richard Winsor Collection, lot #18.

This coin is from the CRO archives and is not currently available for sale.


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