1796 Three Hanging Men p
D&H-837 Variety
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Middlesex-Spence's D&H-837, Plain Edge.

According to R.C. Bell's Political and Commemorative Pieces Simulating Tradesmen's Tokens 1770-1802 (which I trust all of our readers keep handy near the computer) the central figure hanging from the gallows on the obverse of this piece is probably intended to be Thomas Pain, with Thomas Spence and Thomas Hardy, or Thomas Evans on either side.

The inscription on the reverse plays on the double meaning of Knave for a rogue and a Jack in a deck of cards (a reference to the Jacobin Club, a far-left political movement at the time of the French Revolution, though the term came to refer to all supporters of revolutionary opinions).

In all, another superb gem conder, this with flashes of mint red and lovely electric blue and violet toning on the obverse, and a cool blue and golden orange reverse.

This coin is from the CRO archives and is not currently available for sale.


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