1783 Chalmers Shilling
Short Worm
XF40 [PCGS Green Label]
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Breen 1011 variety.

A wonderful example of this popular type, quite exceptional in three ways:

  1. The color is lovely and original, not dipped, not cleaned and looking exactly like a 223 year-old silver coin should look.  This can best be appreciated in the context of other examples of this type, the great majority of which have been dipped or cleaned (or worse!) through the years.

  2. The centering is about as close to perfect on both the obverse and reverse as can be found on a Chalmers Shilling. Most are off-center to some degree, many very significantly so.

  3. The strike is crisp, and remarkably even. Many examples of this type are unevenly struck with signficant detail obscured or totally absent.

In all, a choice piece, far, far better than what is typically seen, including examples in higher technical grade offered at multiples of our price.

This coin is from the CRO archives and is not currently available for sale.


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